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Mid March 2015 – Once again I had the priviledge of backpacking with two of my favorite people in the world; my son Miles, and my stepfather Erwin. These guys are really great traveling companions, always ready to go, well prepared and fine with whatever happens.

The destination was Bullet Canyon, a tributary of the San Juan in the Grand Gulch area of southern Utah. On the second day of the trip, while looking for a spring Erwin wanted to see, we stumbled on a place in the canyon wall where Puebloan cliff ruins exist. We climbed up and ate lunch in someone’s home from long ago. The canyon is named “Green House”, describing the coloring on the ruin walls. After a long hike back to camp, we played a little “Zen Ball” – a game of accuracy where you have to throw a ball to each other without moving your feet ( because you are surrounded by cactus). When night arrived it provided a clear sky perfect for star gazing. Erwin was able to use his binoculars to show us Jupiter’s moons and the Orion Nebula in Orion’s sword. This was an amazing day that made me think of what living outside must have been like, and how much of the world we miss by living inside.
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Green House